Friday, February 29, 2008

Building a Barn

We're building a barn this summer.

It will be a small barn replacing what I used to call a barn but what was really a shed.

I have searched the internet looking for barn plans, mini barn plans and finally settled on a 12 x 16 barn from Better Barns because I like the plans and they also sell the hardware and trim for the barn plans.

Also, I have to admit, when I saw that the paint they used on some of their model barns was the same as what we have on our house, it was was confirmation that I had found the right plans.

I have ordered the plans and Jim will start working on the barn once the weather is welcoming and makes the project "fun".

Question: Red like the house with pale yellow trim to tie into the guest house and garage (classic barn colors) OR pale yellow to match the rest of the out-buildings with the cedar natural and a green roof to match the garage which is the other building seen from the road.

We'll figure out the colors . . . and the fencing . . . and the other details as we go along, but this summer, finally, we will have a new barn - whooooo hoooo!

Check out the site: and let me know what you think about their plans. So far I am impressed with their customer service.

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