Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cowgirls at the Paradise Theatre - Gig Harbor

I haven't seen it, I really only know what the promo says, but COWGIRLS, it has to be fun.

I should have ended up a cowgirl.

  • I rode ponies, even the ones that cost a nickel outside the grocery store.

I looked forward to every opportunity to ride my cousin's horses when we went to their Michigan farm.

I took English riding lessons in the Chicago suburbs.

I went to camp in Colorado when I could finally save enough and convince my parents to let/help me go.

I worked at another ranch as a counselor/riding instructor/guide.

I went to college in Colorado and took riding to meet my PE requirement.

I stayed and lived in Colorado for 9 years, but it just didn't work out for me to live on a ranch and work with horses.

I even bought the board game "Cowgirls"

So, when I got the notice about the play coming up FEBRUARY 29 - MARCH 16, 2008 at the Paradise Theatre in Gig Harbor I had to pass along the information.

Cowgirls is a musical comedy that focuses on a trio of classically trained
female musicians that is mistakenly booked to play Hiram Hall, a country western
concert bar in Kansas. The owner of the club, Jo Carlson, must raise enough
money during the weekend to pay off debtors or the hall will be closed. Though
mostly unfamiliar with country music, the trio convinces Jo and her employees,
Mickey and Mo, to allow them the chance to transform themselves into legitimate
cowgirl performers in time for the first performance.

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