Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

I got this message from Nikki at Pheasant Fields Farm this morning.

"Hello Jean:

We will be doing an egg hunt again this year. Please view the enclosed
attachment. Also, besides what's on the attached flyer, we will be doing two
other hunts for adults. This plan just came about when Kitsap Park & Rec
staff brought it to my attention that they will NOT be providing any type of egg
hunts this year.

So, we will be an evening time hunt for age 12 to 17 yr. and another
one for 18 yr old and up. The details on this will be coming out possibly by 3
pm Wednesday (later TODAY). It will be a lot of fun if it's any kind of repeat
from last year!

. . . I will be in touch.

If it is anything like the other events that Pheasant Field Farms puts on it will be great fun and a family friendly activity.
Once I get the info on the Adult events I'll post those as well.

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