Thursday, February 07, 2008

Indianola Pier walk

My friend Marcia, owner of Morgan Hill Retreat is almost always up for lunch or exploring or both.

Today we did both. She had never been to the Indianola Store or on the pier so I picked her up and we headed to Indianola and enjoyed sandwiches, soft drinks and Cracker Jacks at the friendly store.

You'll mostly find locals in the store, which is a combination of deli and small grocery/convenience store with a country relaxed feeling.

After lunch we walked out on the pier which I've talked about before. Much like some of my other favorite places, you can go there again and again and it is always different. What stays the same is the long length of the pier stretching out into Port Madision. At high tide you often feel you're on the water and at extreme low tides you'll find yourself high in the air.

Today was a medium tide and as always there are great opportunities for bird watching. Today it was a Kingfisher on the pier, a variety of waterfowl on the water and we heard one of the regular Bald Eagles calling.

Heading back toward Port Gamble we stopped at CB's Premium Nuts and picked up a bag each of fresh roasted salted peanuts, for later. Good news, CB's plans to start making fresh peanut butter, probably starting this weekend! CB's is located just East of the corner of Bond Road and HWY 104.
Dropping Marcia off I snapped this picture of one of her chickens, and I also picked up a dozen fresh and colorful eggs.

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