Saturday, February 02, 2008

Kitsap's Mr and Mrs Perfect Tourist

Working in tourism there is often discussion of what constitutes a "real" tourist.

If someone goes a few miles down the road for a festival are they a tourist? Do they need to come from over 50 miles to qualify? Do they need to put "heads in beds", stay in a hotel, to be a "real" tourist?

We went out last night for a few drinks and stopped in Voodiez Bar and Grill at 18932 Front Street Poulsbo. Friendly bar where we know a few people who stop in now and then. We met a friend and he introduced us to Mr and Mrs Perfect Tourist.

This couple used to come over from the Seattle side to Poulsbo by boat. They fell in love with Poulsbo and returned often over the years - 18 years now! They are currently without a boat but they still return to Poulsbo once or twice a month.

They stay in a hotel - 2 nights at a time.
They eat in restaurants.
They buy gifts.
They party; drinks in one location; on to dinner; then take in some live music.
They bring in new money and spend it.

Definitely "real" tourists, the type we would like to attract more of - lots more!

We ended up going to dinner with the Perfect Tourists at Mor Mor Bistro and Bar. They knew all the staff and the staff knew them. We live here, go to Mor Mor occassionaly and the staff hardly notices us. We had to go out with the Perfect Tourist couple to get the great big welcome.

It was interesting talking to Mr and Mrs Perfect Tourist. They love Poulsbo, but feel it might not be quite the same thing if they actually lived here. They like keeping it as their "special" place to visit.

We told them about a few places they hadn't heard about and/or visited and they were excited planning their next day of checking out new things and spending their "other side" dollars on our side of the water.

They told us about a band playing tonight. They have another evening planned as tourists. We might join them, but then, we might just relax and stay home since we're going to friends for Superbowl tomorrow and three nights out in a row would be a bit beyond our norm.

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