Saturday, February 23, 2008

Point No Point Lighthouse in Winter

My favorite photo subject is the Point No Point Lighthouse, probably because I am there so often and see it in all sorts of weather conditions and all seasons.

I tend to carry a longer zoom when I am there but yesterday, because of a recent fall and limited mobility, I carried my smaller lens and didn't take the normal beach walk, but just stayed near the lighthouse and enjoyed a close-in view.

It was afternoon creating some strong shadows and with a nice breeze the flag was flying.

Because it is winter the grasses offered a nice soft contrast to the harsh shadows.
Jim took Abby down the beach and I had time to just relax and take pictures from the Northwest side which is closest to the parking lot and opposite of where I usually focus so I was able to add some nice photos to my stock gallery:
Overall an amazing winter day in the Northwest; no rain, lots of sun and as always, spectacular scenery.

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