Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Puget Sound Navy Museum - OPEN

I did a posting a while ago on the Seattle PI website:, about the opeing of the NEW Puget Sound Navy Museum, in it's NEW location.

I just got this reminder from them that they are open. With the construction going on in downtown Bremerton the museum is a little difficult to get to, BUT worth the effort. They would love to see visitors!

Coming from Seattle it is an easy walk from the Bremerton ferry terminal and from Kitsap I find it easiest to park near or under the conference center and walk through the ferry terminal and new Fountain Park.

However you get there, do put it on your list of things to do this winter. They need your support and you'll be glad we went!

The Puget Sound Navy Museum would like to remind the community that it is open and free to the public. Although downtown Bremerton is undergoing major construction for the new tunnel, museum visitors are encouraged to visit and can find their way into the museum by following worker instructions. The entrance to the museum is located on the right side as you face the building.

With many temporary and permanent exhibits on display the museum is an exciting and educational experience for adults and children. Visitors can learn about the aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis, the USS Parche, and a major exhibit about the Ship Fitters Shop at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard.

The museum’s featured winter exhibit contains information and artifacts from the USS John C. Stennis. Stennis is homeported in Bremerton, WA. It is a staggering 1,092 feet long, towers some 20 stories above the waterline, and has a crew of 3,200 ship personnel and 2,480 air wing personnel. When it deploys, Stennis has many of the same amenities you would expect to find on land in any American city. It is
self-contained, complete with a daily newspaper, television stations, fire department, library, hospital, general store, laundry, barber shops, and a post office with its own zip code. Stennis can carry approximately 85 planes.

For more information please contact Cynthia Richards at (360)396-5548. Museum Hours of operation are 10-4, Mon-Sat. & 1-4, Sun. Admission is free.


isaacada1 said...

What's the website for the newly renamed museum?

Kitsap Images said...

Last I checked they still didn't have one. I am sure that once they officially fall under the control of the Navy they will get a website.