Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Special Event - Wesley Art Gallery

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Year Five: Memorial for Our Fallen
It will be five years since U.S. and Allied forces entered into Iraq with hopes to establish an appropriate government there. The price we have been paying for this endeavor is the most extreme of all, over 3,972* brave young lives and counting.

Join Don Wesley as he presents the entire series of his memorial canvases depicting a bird for each U.S. soldier who has died in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

There are now five canvases in all; the latest painting titled Promised Counting is still in progress.

Exhibit Opens during Bremerton’s Artwalk - Friday, Mar 7, 5-10pm

Special Event: End of Fifth Combat Year Ceremony
Saturday Mar 23, 1-5pm
1:00pm - Gallery opens.
2:00pm - Unveiling of completed fifth year painting and a moment of silent reflection for our brave young soldiers lost, survived, and still fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan today.
3:00pm - Don will give a brief talk and share how this series of paintings and the interactions that have come with it have influenced the way he looks at his art and at contemporary war.
3:30pm – Special guest speaker.
4:00pm - Don will paint the first birds on next year's canvas titled Quiet Counting.
5:00pm - Gallery closes.

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*Deaths as of 02/24/08 per the Department of Defense and Central Command for US Forces is Iraq.

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