Thursday, February 07, 2008

Upcoming events at the Naval Undersea Museum

The Naval Undersea Museum just sent me the following upcoming events. I have only attended a couple of their events and they have been outstanding but under attended. The museum has a wonderful auditorium and they bring in good speakers. Check below to see which might be of interest to you:

Free and open to the public! The Naval Undersea Museum is offering the following events:

February 9, 2008
The Naval Undersea Museum presents distinguished speaker Dr. John Findlay, professor and chair of the History Department at the University of WA. Come hear an exciting and informative talk on “WWII and the Transformation of the Pacific Northwest”. The talk will be held on Saturday February 9, 2008 in the Mary Bonnin room at 2pm.

February 23, 2008
The Naval Undersea Museum presents National Engineers Discover E-Day. On Saturday February 23, 2008 from 10am-2pm children from kindergarten to eighth grade are invited to explore the wonders of science! Participants will have the opportunity to partake in hands-on science activities, experiment with kinetic energy and buoyancy, build a cantilever structure, and engage in the Raw Egg Olympics. For more information please contact Joyce Jensen at (360)396-5547. Visit the National Engineers web site at

March 8, 2008
Join the Naval Undersea Museum March 8, 2008 in
the Mary Bonnin room at 2pm to hear distinguished speaker Mr. John Clear.
Mr. Clear is a retired submariner, historian, and researcher. During his talk “Silent Service Speaks”, he will take you back to the days of the diesel submarine fleet.

The Naval Undersea Museum also has the following temporary exhibits on display:

Women Divers: Part of the Navy Team (Exhibit Hall)

Service and Sacrifice: The Trident Family (Pier Room)

Admission to the museum is free and hours of operation are Mon-Sun, 10am-4pm, Closed on Tuesday. For more information about events, exhibits, and volunteer opportunities please contact the Museum at (360)396-4148.

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