Monday, April 21, 2008

Agate Pass Cafe Opening April 23rd

See comment below - they are open today!

UPDATE: Agate Pass Cafe could open as soon as today - Wednesday if they pass their fire inspection.

Note on their website: "We are expecting to open on the evening of April 23rd for dinner.We will be serving our brunch menu beginning that weekend. Ourlunch will debut shortly thereafter."

Brunch? Lunch? This keeps getting better!

Long ago it was the Princess Angeline Restaurant. Then a series of other formats. I want this newest reincarnation to be a great restaurant.

We stopped by the Agate Pass Cafe tonight and the sign says they will open April 25th - that's this Friday.

I've been watching their progress and tonight we stopped long enough to check out the menu on the window.

A fairly simple menu with starters, salads and entres. Looks fairly northwest, casual elegant and hopefully wonderful. Oh, and a great wine list!

Every time a restaurant opens in Suquamish I hope that it is going to be a place where we can become regulars. I have been dissapointed many times but occasionally we do find a match.

We love Bella Luna for an occassional pizza, breakfast, latte or to meet friends and for an occassional business meeting.

A second restaurant in town where we could stop in on a regular basis would be a welcome addition.

Not sure yet if we'll be there Friday, but we'll stop in sometime soon and I will certainly report on our experience.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jean - John Nesby Here (MorMor Bistro) - It does look very cute eh!! I wish them well and can't wait to try it. The space looks very professional, Ciao!!!

Kitsap Images said...

Oops, caught checking our your competition!

I can walk to "downtown" Suquamish and always hope the restaurants there do well. This one looks like it has potential - from the outside looking in for now but we'll check it out soon.


Marty Bracken said...

Hi Jean -

We did indeed pass our inspection today and will be open for dinner tonight (Wed, April 23rd) at 5pm. Thanks for the kind words and we hope to see you in for dinner soon.

Marty Bracken & Stacy Grega, Owners
Agate Pass Cafe, Suquamish

Kitsap Images said...

We'll be in! Not sure how our schedule is for the next few days but we are both anxious to check it out.

Happy Opening!