Monday, April 28, 2008

Country Nursery & Gardens

I've seen the signs on the highway, I stopped by once a long time ago, but my memory of Country Nursery & Gardens was vague and not very exciting.

This time of year it is not unusual for me to stop by two or three nurseries on a weekend. I have my favorites for different things, but this one wasn't even on my list.

Yesterday, my mother mentioned that she wanted to go to Country Nursery and I offered to drive.
This isn't the easiest nursery to find, but if you take the Chico exit off HWY 3 and follow the signs, you'll find it easily enough.

I was very pleasantly surprised, especially with the gift shop that actually had some unique items. It's packed with all sorts of candles, signs, art, and fun things all semi garden or home related.

The covered nursery area also has quite a few retail items and is very pleasant, even in the rain.

This isn't the biggest nursery in the area but it has nice variety, very friendly staff and it worth checking out for any gardeners.


welles said...

Very interesting phot! Nice blog!

Kitsap Images said...

You're quick, I just posted that one!

Thanks for the comment.