Sunday, April 20, 2008

Olympia Farmers Market

I had a meeting in Olympia on Friday on a project involving a Dive Map, web page and video for the ferries. It's a good project and I'll post information as it develops.

After the meeting, about lunch time, I walked across the street to the Olympia Farmers Market to look for photo opportunities and something to eat.

I found both. The market has both permanent and transcient booths. Almost all of the market is under a permanent wood structure offering vendors and visitors a dry experience and with heaters, a warm experience as well.

There is an outdoor stage, cash machine, entertainers and a wide variety of wares.

I would love to see such a structure at some of our markets which are totally exposed and always at the mercy of the weather.

Kitsap takes great pride in their farmers markets and I think there is good variety here, but for locals and tourists alike, we could do so much better and the structure could be used throughout the year for other purposes.
Open space is a problem, but perhaps Port Gamble could build a permanent structure for a farmers market, antique market and other gatherings year 'round.
Farmers Markets - check out their website. Clean, attractive and truly useful.


NetBloke said...

We love our farmers market! It is a shame it shuts for a few months during the depths of winter.

Hopefully you got there at a time they had live music going. That really adds to the atomsphere.

Kitsap Images said...

I was really impressed. With our markets not being under cover they are only open April - October with a few exceptions.

I would love to see a covered venue for a Kitsap Farmers Market.