Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy 20th Anniversay Bloedel Reserve

Over 700 visitors responded to the invitation to tour the Bloedel Reserve free of charge and enjoy refreshments at the Visitor Center in celebration of the 20th Anniversary.

Walking the Bloedel Reserve is usually a tranquil experience, in part because of the limited number of people allowed on the grounds at any given time.

While not the normal tranquil experience; seeing only a few, if any, other visitors, today was a wonderful and joyous experience.

Being a school holiday meant there were many families and children enjoying the beautiful Fall day in a beautiful location.

There were people everywhere; coming and going on the trail through the moss garden, looking for the pond with swans, enjoying the Reflection Pond or the views of Port Madison and waiting in line for cake at the Visitor Center.

Everyone was enjoying the day and the experience.

Thank you Bloedels for the Open House. It was a great event and a wonderful gift to those who were able to enjoy Bloedels for the first time.

To those who visited today: Consider returning and buying a membership. You'll be able to visit as often as you like and take three guests with you each time. You'll also receive invitations and/or notices for special events.

A basic membership is now $55 a year - a great price, especially if you use it often. More information on membership.

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