Sunday, June 07, 2009

Eagle, Heron, Crow

Last night we went to a dock party in Gig Harbor. As we arrived on the waterfront; between the Tides and the Green Turtle we heard a huge commotion and suddenly a dozen Blue Herons were circling above.

We looked up at a large heron rookery and it was obvious they were upset and I assumed an eagle was in the area.

A while later I caught this eagle taking off with a young Blue Heron in hand and a crow following and harrassing the eagle.
Mother Nature can be hard to take when you see the baby feet dangling in the air but the baby heron will feed the baby eaglets waiting in their nest for the parent to return.

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Anonymous said...

Here on the east coast (Nova Scotia) tonight I was astonished to watch an eagle attack a heron standing in the water, and proceed to fight with it until eventually the heron stopped fighting. The eagle then "swam" through the water, using it's wings like arms, until it had dragged the heron body to a sandbar, at which point another adult eagle and a young eagle arrived for dinner. The other herons stayed a safe distance away but were very vocal...