Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Memorial Plaza

I had a chance today to walk through the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Memorial Plaza. There was still some work going on on the lighting but basically the park is complete and is a wonderful urban oasis and buffer between Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and downtown Bremerton.

Much like Harborside Fountain Park, there are huge boulders, mature looking landscaping, fountains and stone sculptures by Will Robinson. This time many Will's large stone sculptures are also the fountains.

Water shoots, and spouts, and tumbles creating many splashing, relaxing sounds.

There are options to sit on stones or benches inviting visitors to linger and enjoy this beautiful park.
One more major improvement in downtown Bremerton and one that will serve residents and tourists alike.
I have a travel writer coming from Japan in a couple weeks and I'm adding this new park to our itinerary.

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