Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Girls Weekend Escape

Thinking back, way back, I think this is my first "girlfriends" escape that wasn't Girl Scouts or a business trip.  I've taken trips with my sister and my mother but those are a little different.  This was just three very compatible women with a common interest in photography.

The weather reports were less than promissing and while we went through heavy waves of rain and drove through the aftermath of a hail storm, everywhere we went we had good weather. 

First destination, after stocking up on lunch materials and munchies at Sunny Farms in Sequim, was Neah Bay and the trail to Cape Flattery.  A 3/4 mile boardwalk that takes you to the far northwest corner of the Continental United States, overlooking Tatoosh Island.

Marcia and Sandy at the far Northwest corner of the Continental United States
We checked into our little cabin at the Kalaloch Resort perched on the high bluff.  We found a "Girlfriends Escape Package" which included a bottle of wine, desert delivered to our room, a 20% discount at the lodge dining room and the second night was only $50 - heck of a deal when divided by three!

Kalalock Lodge (cabins are to the right as you face the lodge).  Dining room is in the lodge.

Marcia on the beach.

Sandy setting up for a photo at Ruby Beach

Marcia and Sandy on the beach

One of our main goals was to see the Roosevelt Elk in the Hoh Rain Forest.  We never really accepted the idea that we wouldn't see elk and we weren't dissapointed.  We saw two fairly large herds and some beautiful Bull Elk with spectacular antlers.

Our little cabin had two beds in the main room and a third in another room.  Sandy and I shared the main room and each evening we got a fire going in the fireplace, got into our jammies, got a glass of wine, pulled the covers up around our chins and Marcia, owner of Morgan Hill Retreat, who recently published her first book, would read a chapter or two to us and we had some great discussions. (Finding This Place, by Marcia Breece)

I really can't remember the last time someone read to me in bed.  The ocean, wildlife, hiking, good food, good friends, good weather, good wine and a bedtime story; total escape.


Rulan said...

Those Elk are beautiful. They would be fun to draw.

Kitsap Images said...

Thank you! You may take a copy of the picture from the blog and draw if you like. There are lots more elk photos on